About us

ESS & Solar Solutions was established because I simply love renewable energy and want to bring high availability premium energy storage and solar systems to everyone. I am truly passionate about renewable energy and the actual real world benefits it bring and will openly admit I believe every single kW generated helps and it should not be about ROI. After all, do any of us actually do the ROI on all our other shockingly wasteful consumer habits? 

Today I supply from keen DIY'ers to the trade, online or direct, although many of our solutions are tailored to our customer's specific needs given many now expect some backup functionality in light of their their serious concern over the strains the unprecedented demand power hungry hot tubs, EVs and heat source pumps etc. will place on the national grid in the future, if not already.

Victron equipment is designed to last and is my inverter of choice with single phase inverters of up to 15kVA (12kW). Furthermore, the same e.g. Multiplus-II is equally at home in your house as it is off-grid, in your RV, boat, yacht or mission critical traffic management system, which allows unequalled design flexibility over any other product out there today. The use of individual MPPT solar charge controllers further ensure optimal power harvesting through DC-to-DC battery charging, which is typically 98% efficient, while the solar and batteries can very much be expanded almost "without limit" or impact to existing G98/G99 certification for that matter.

Great hardware is however only good if it is backed up with great end-to-end service and it goes without saying, at ESS & Solar Solutions we offer both.

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