This page is in part dedicated to showcasing a small selection of our customer's DIY installations as well as some of our own projects. My sincere thanks my customers who kindly provided and allowed me to post images of their impeccable DIY installation work.


Nicks DIY installation is a superb example of how a Victron Multiplus II GX 5kVA ESS and solar system can fit into confined spaces. The 4 x US3000C Pylontech batteries are just out of sight below the installation. The use of individual Smartsolar MPPT charge controllers allow for optimal energy harvesting from two solar arrays with different orientations. Three DC MCBs act as both "electronic fuse" and isolator for the three individual solar strings.



Making the most of the low winter sun. This DIY installation has constantly delivered surprisingly good results and combined with a second array that will be optimised for summer solar harvesting, this DIY'er and his household is well on their way to greater grid independence.


Modern solar panels have come a long way. Even with some shading these "flat" panels, that are awaiting their final rooftop install, combined with an already mounted string, manage to fully charge two US3000C batteries on a sunny February winter's day. Two more batteries are awaiting installation.


Serious installation work and testing in progress. This DIY system offers the benefits of an ESS with backup functionalty for when grid outages occur. A tight fit and installation that even impressed the electrician when he commissioned and signed off the system. 


A 2-day DIY job we commissioned using professional installers. The load calculations required a staggering 64 flexible Renusol stainless steel roof hooks for the 16 x 490W 2.1x.1m panels.


Despite high winds, which slowed work down to one panel being lifted and fitted at a time, it could not have turned out better. Don't forget that bird deterrent as pigeons settling under the panels will drive the cats in the house mad.

An example of a Multiplus II 5kVA, LG RESU10 (8.8kWh usable at 90% DOD and 2 x 250/100 Smartsolar chargers hosting 7.8kW of solar from 4 strings of 4 x 490W JA Solar panels. The LG footprint is possibly the smallest on the market thanks to the NCM pocket cells.

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