Be prepared - planning & DNO (G98/G99/G100) considerations

Solar panel installation

  • Typically installing rooftop solar panels do not require planning permission for a first installation, however there are exceptions e.g. living in or next to a conservation area, main roads etc. so check with your local authority if you are unsure.
  • Adding panels to an existing standalone installation later requires planning permission as only the first standalone installation is exempt.
  • Larger modern solar panels can weight between 18-26kg or more. Have a roof structural check done to ensure the roof can handle the snow and wind loads. Have a layout plan drawn up to ensure correct spreading of the loads across the roof and mounting points.
  • As a guide, solar panels should not be installed closer than 400mm from a roof edge. This is due to water runoff issues, wind noise and lift factors.
  • While planning rules may vary slightly depending on your location, panels should generally not protrude above the roof line and double check the local rules regarding especially, flat roofs. 
  • Ground mounted panels may require planning permission and can be subject to maximum allowable surface limitations and other rules, so always check.